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Choices, Choices: Which BACKRACK™ Truck Rack is Right for Me?

We know that there are already a lot of hard decisions to make in life. That’s why we wanted to make choosing the right BACKRACKTM for your truck easy!

Here are the eight different BACKRACKTM styles that are available and how to know which one is right for you and your truck.


Don’t be fooled: even though the original BACKRACKTM has a stylish look, it’s still ready to work! Whether you need to carry ladders and long loads, mount a light, or secure shifting cargo; this truck rack is a perfect match. Plus, its low-profile design makes parking easy.

#2) Safety Rack

When cab protection and employee safety are your primary concern, the Safety Rack provides the solution!

The Safety Rack’s two-inch wire screen is welded onto a heavy-duty steel frame that provides security without compromising visibility. Keep your cab – and your passengers – safe!

#3) Louvered Rack

As BACKRACKTM’s most recent design, the Louvered Rack combines a fashionable look with practicality.

The rack’s quality, scale-free material partners with a rolled edge so that peeling is prevented.

The Louvered Rack is also never exposed to the elements due to the multi-stage electrostatic dip process.

#4) Open Rack

With the Open Rack’s flat bar, easily tie cargo to the rack without compromising safety.

In only a matter of seconds, a bungee cord or ratchet strap can be hooked around the Open Rack’s flat bar. A ladder and much more can be securely stored upright with the Open Rack!

#5) Half Safety Rack

Clear visibility through the centre of the window and cab protection are notable features of the Half Safety Rack.

Similar to the Safety Rack, the Half Safety Rack provides a high level of safety without compromising strength and functionality.

#6) Half Louvered Rack

Maintain your truck’s stylish looks while increasing its functionality with the Half Louvered Rack.

Use the Half Louvered Rack to carry long cargo safely, to secure shifting supplies or to mount a light or accessory – without undermining your truck’s appearance.

#7) Three Round Rack

Don’t want your truck to always look like a work truck? The Three Round truck rack provides stylish cab protection while being a practical tool for carrying long loads and keeping shifting cargo safe.

#8) Three Light Rack

Although it features a very similar overall look as the Three Round Rack, the Three Light Rack also features two sets of lights.

Improve your truck’s visibility, increase its strength and functionality and keep your occupants protected with this versatile headache rack with lights.

Need More Advice? Contact a Local Authorized Dealer

We get it: sometimes you need to see for yourself the difference in product styles. And if that’s the case for you, a local authorized dealer can gladly show you the differences in person!

Contact your local authorized dealer today for more information about our BACKRACKTM truck rack products.

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