4 Red Flags to Look for When Hiring a Copywriter

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Maybe it was because it was causing you unnecessary frustration, worry and stress.

Maybe it was because you found you didn’t have enough time to do it properly.

Or maybe it was because you weren’t getting the results you deserved.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what propelled you to hire a copywriter. What is important is that you spend some time researching potential copywriters before you make a decision on who to hire.

Here are four red flags to look for when choosing a copywriter to work with.

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Copywriter vs. Copyright: What’s the Difference?

copywriter vs copyright

The call started out innocently enough: “Are you Sarah McKenzie, the copywriter?”

“Yes, how can I help you?” I responded.

“I own a dance studio and have questions about using copyrighted music in my classes. Do you know the legalities surrounding that?”

Seeing as this wasn’t the first time that my copywriting services have been confused with copyright services, I decided it was time to write a blog on the topic.

Although they’re both pronounced the same way, the meaning of each word is completely different. Here’s the main difference between copywriting and copyright – and how to know when to use each term correctly.

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Working from Home

working from home
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Working from home presents a ton of benefits including a short commute, comfortable work attire and lack of office distractions. But like most other things in life, with the good comes the bad – unless you know how to avoid them! Here are four of the biggest mistakes you can make when working remotely, like many of us are now doing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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4 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs During Difficult Times

entrepreneur tips
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As entrepreneurs, the COVID-19 pandemic presents even more for us to worry about: What will this mean for our business’s financial future? How are we going to sustain ourselves during this crisis? Will we even have a business when this is all over?

Here are four tips to follow to make the most out of the unusual situation we currently find ourselves in.

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4 Tips to Follow When Working with Freelancers

working with freelancers

Maybe you have an upcoming project that requires a specific skillset that your staff lacks.

Maybe you need to expand your staff but can’t afford another permanent employee.

Or maybe you simply want to see for yourself what all the buzz is about.

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We Were On a Podcast!

Maybe you’re new to the world of marketing…or maybe it’s something that you have never entirely understood.

Whatever may be the reason, copywriting is a topic that confuses many small business owners. In a recent podcast, we were asked to explain what copywriting actually is – and why it’s crucial to a small business’ success.

Ready to learn for yourself why copywriting matters? Go pour yourself a coffee and click the button below to find out!

5 Quick Tips to Level Up Your Social Media

social media tips

Trying to figure out how and what to post on social media can be both time consuming and daunting – especially when platforms and algorithms keep changing. But if you want to remain competitive, social media needs to be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

We love all things social and want to see local businesses succeed. Follow these five tips to level up your social media game!

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The 5 Biggest Time Wasters for Small Business Owners

small business owner time management tips
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As a small business owner, you have a ton of tasks to accomplish daily. But how often do you get to the end of the day and question if you actually accomplished much of anything?

Sometimes, our days running a business are hectic by no fault of our own. But many other times, poor time management is often to blame.

Besides freeing up more time in your day, effective time management plays a big part in the amount of stress, anxiety and potential burnout that a small business owner faces. It can also greatly impact the success of the business itself.

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4 Business Tips to Help You Work Smarter In 2020

Day in and day out, we strive to make our businesses bigger, better and more profitable. With the hopes that each new year will be more successful than the last, we treat each January as a fresh start.

With a new year just around the corner, you’re likely busy setting business goals. And if you’re like me, those plans need to incorporate some techniques on how to work smarter – not harder – in the new year.

Check out the following four business tips that I plan to implement into my own business during 2020. Maybe you will find them useful for your own strategizing, too!

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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is King

content marketing is king

It may be over two decades since Bill Gates coined the term “content is king,” but his predictions still ring true.

In his 1996 essay, Gates predicted that the content found on the internet is where the majority of the money will be made.

Fast forward to our present world filled with social networks, blog posts, and websites, and it’s easy to see how 27 million pieces of content can be shared every day.

Today, content marketing is more important than ever before. Below are five of the top reasons why.

#1) It Costs Less Than Traditional Marketing Methods

You might be surprised to learn that content marketing is not expensive! Besides creating three times more leads, it’s 62% cheaper than outbound marketing.

Content marketing doesn’t need to be complicated, either. Simply starting a blog on your website – or hiring a freelancer to do it for you – can quickly boost your search results rankings and help generate more sales.

#2) It Increases Web Traffic

If you want more traffic on your website and eventually, more business profits, you need quality, original, relevant content on your site.

Effective blog writing is now one of the best ways to increase website traffic. One of the leading blogging platforms, WordPress, generates 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments each month!

As well as encouraging engagement from users, great content improves your search engine optimization (SEO).


Almost every digital experience currently out there involves sharing content. Think of all the websites, social media platforms, and blogs that you visit. Notice the engagement that this content receives from its target audience – and all for free!

Don’t you want to capitalize on that for your own business?

#4) It Doesn’t Get Ad-Blocked

Content writing provides the solution for getting around ad-blocking software that over 200 million people have installed worldwide.

Not only is well-written content resistant to ad-blocking software, but it’s something that consumers actually want to read and engage with. Great content writing helps build a strong connection between a brand and its customer base.

#5) It Creates Higher Conversion Rates

Companies that place a priority on content writing receive a customer conversion rate that’s almost six times higher than those that use traditional marketing. More web traffic is convinced to become a lead and those leads turn into more customers.

Think about it this way: When it comes to needing a particular product or service, are you going to remember the website that you regularly visit for its interesting blog content or one that simply features a homepage and its services?

How to Implement Effective Copywriting

It can be difficult to know how to write the best blog or web copy for your business. But that’s why there are experts available to help you!

Sarah McKenzie Copywriting and Web Design has over ten years of experience crafting original, search engine optimized copy that appeals to your audience base.

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