How to Write A Great Call to Action in a Blog

use a call to action to generate more business
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So after sitting down to finally write a blog post for your website, you’ve got it completed…or so you think. Before you hit that publish button, are you confident that your article includes everything that it should? A Call to Action, otherwise known as a CTA, is one of the most important aspects to include in your blog writing. If you’re wondering what that is and how to write an effective one, this article has got you covered!

The Reasons Behind Writing a Blog

Before we delve into what a CTA actually is, spend some time considering why you’re writing a blog in the first place.

Maybe you’re just being a good student and following the advice of a Toronto copywriting expert like us. Or maybe, it’s because you recognize for yourself the importance of publishing regular, interesting content to your website. You know that it helps build authority in your industry, encourages repeat visitors to your website and improves your website’s SEO, which leads to better rankings on search results pages. It’s a way to keep visitors informed about your product and service offerings and encourage them to reach out to you for more information.  

If you think we’ve forgotten one of the biggest overall reasons for staying active on your blog, don’t worry – we haven’t. (We just wanted to see if you were still paying attention!)

Overall, you’re hoping that staying active on your blog will produce more sales for you.

If it’s done right, there’s no doubt you will see results. A CTA plays a huge part in making that happen!

What is a CTA?

A CTA is used to accomplish a certain goal in advertising and promotion. Maybe you want more email subscribers, blog followers or (the grandest prize of all), website conversions. Without the proper CTA, none of these things can be accomplished.

CTAs in the Wild

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you may have already started noticing that our blog articles end in a similar manner.

For example, check out this snippet from our recent blog article:

Or what about this one:

No matter what blog post you read that we’ve published, you’ll realize that we always include a reason to get in touch with us. We show you what our services can do for your small business and provide an easy way to reach out to us for more information. Sometimes, we even include incentives that are time-sensitive, like a discount code or limited free consultation bookings (as viewed in the first example).

We use verbiage that makes our CTAs seem like they are the only logical thing to do. We take into consideration that you’ve spent the time reading until the end of our article – so you must have a slight interest in what we offer. We try to tap into that further by including messaging that encourages you to contact us.

How to Write a Great CTA

CTAs may seem easy to create – but trust us, they aren’t!

Using only a few words, you need to make your CTA compelling enough to click. Include a command verb at the start of the sentence or phrase to invoke the desired action. If you’re an e-commerce business, start your CTA with “buy,” “shop” or “purchase.” Trying to drive engagement on an e-book or white paper? Use “download” or “subscribe” as your action-invoking words. Looking for more people to contact you about your services? Use words like “find out” or “learn more.”

You want readers to take action now, so make your offer seem like it won’t last long.

Most important of all? Make it as clear and engaging as possible – you don’t want there to be any confusion from the reader about what you want them to do next.

a call to action is Useful in More Than Just Blogs

A CTA should be included in more than just your blog articles. Use them cleverly in social media posts, advertisements, e-newsletters and website pages to help close a deal.

If you’re starting to sweat about how to write great CTAs, relax and let us write them for you! For a limited time, we’re offering 50% off of some of our most popular blog packages using BLOG50. Contact us today to learn more!

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