Frequently Asked Questions About Copywriting

What is copywriting?

Social media, web pages, emails, print advertisements, and newsletters continuously present your brain with information to read and process. All of this information is referred to as copy and copywriting is the act of producing this information.

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Who needs copywriting?

Any small business owner looking to increase engagement, convert more traffic into leads, and build authority can benefit from excellent copywriting.

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What is SEO copywriting?

When integrating SEO techniques into your copywriting, useful, engaging and valuable content is produced that targets a certain type of customer. The more people that read and share your content on social media platforms and their own blogs, the better your Google ranking will become.

The art of SEO constantly evolves since Google’s ranking algorithms frequently get updated. Besides having a fast download speed, there are six elements that are necessary for effective SEO copywriting:

#1) Captivating Headlines

#2) A Purpose

#3) Effective Keyword Research

#4) An Effective Meta Description

#5) Page Links

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Why is copywriting important?

When businesses have relevant, regularly published copy, Google rewards them with higher rankings in search results. This leads more web visitors to your site and more opportunity for those visitors to become customers.

When web visitors read high-quality copy on your site, there’s a greater chance of them wanting to learn more about your company’s service or product…and ultimately, to them becoming a customer.

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Why should I outsource my copywriting?

Spending time on your strengths instead of trying to become an expert in areas you’re unfamiliar with will be much more advantageous to your business.

Plus, it will save you a lot of frustration in the end.

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How can copywriting help me succeed?

Besides being cheaper than many other types of marketing, copywriting provides an avenue to build (or maintain) your company’s reputation. Posting regular, informative, engaging content provides a great opportunity for your company to communicate what it wants with its audience base.

And the more frequent you publish quality copywriting, the more chances you have at growing your customer base and increasing your profits, too.

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What are copywriting skills?

Many people advertise themselves as being a great copywriter.

But how do you hire a copywriter who you know will produce results for you? Start by ensuring they have the following five key skills:

#1) Strong writing skills
#2) Industry experience
#3) A stellar reputation
#4) Be a native speaker
#5) Be relatable

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Can anyone be a copywriter?

Not just anyone can be a copywriter! The best copywriters have solid industry experience, an eye for detail, and of course, great writing skills.

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What is copywriting for business?

A huge part of your business’ marketing strategy comes down to how you communicate with your audience base. Whether it be via your website, blog or another type of communication, communicating regularly using informative, engaging copy is important!

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Who can do copywriting?

A quick online search can produce thousands of copywriters who are eager to get your business. But how many of them can actually write successfully for you?

Here are three key skills that are necessary for every copywriter to succeed:

#1) Effective copywriters create original content – every time
#2) Effective copywriters remain up-to-Date on industry trends
#3) Effective copywriters can master different writing styles

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How do I hire an amazing copywriter?

Many business owners either don’t have the time or the necessary skill set to develop great content. When that’s the case, knowing how to hire a freelance writer is important! Here are three methods to use when outsourcing your business’ copywriting:

#1) Know what you require before looking
#2) Ask for recommendations from other business owners
#3) Request writing samples

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How much does professional website copywriting cost?

Pricing can differ greatly depending on what type of copywriting you require. Although some writers charge per word, most charge per project. This list is by no means all-encompassing, but it can give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to rates for copywriting.

SEO Blog Post: In general, crafting a 400-500 word blog post that is SEO-friendly can range from $90 – $200+, depending on how experienced the writer is. Bulk discounts are normally available; basically, the more articles you commit to, the greater savings you can experience.

Landing Page Copy Pricing: Website pages are the most expensive type of content writing you can request since they require the most amount of work. Pricing varies widely, but for an average 400-word landing page, expect to pay a minimum of $250. Like blog posts, bulk discounts normally apply – so if you need more than one page’s content created, negotiate a discounted rate with your copywriter.

Other Writing Services: Copywriters can normally write for a variety of mediums. Press releases have price tags ranging from $500 to upwards of $2,000 depending on how much writing, editing, promotion and distribution is required. Pricing is similar for email newsletters, where subject lines are crucial to boosting open rates.

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What is copywriting for websites?

Writing website copy that sells is important – otherwise, what was the point of designing a website in the first place?

When it comes to copywriting for websites, it’s important that the web copy is easy to navigate, is persuasive, has an overall clean look, and targets a certain audience.

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What is the copywriting process?

Although finding the best process for copywriting is individually-based, here are six steps that we follow here at Sarah McKenzie Copywriting Services. Maybe they will help you with your own copywriting process, too!

#1) Brainstorm a aoncept

#2) Create an outline

#3) Complete some research

#4) Put it all together

#5) Create an eye-catching title

#6) Review, review, review

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How can I complete my own copywriting for my website?

Creating killer website copy takes time and expertise. Here are some tips:

#1) Make it Easy to Navigate: By making sure your website content’s easy to navigate, website visitors will spend more time on your site – and be less tempted to move on to a competitor’s site.

#2) Keep the Overall Look Clean: Use a clean, simple layout so that website visitors can find the information they want quickly.

#3) Consider the Placement of Your Information: It’s crucial that you place the most important information first on your website. Don’t use flowery phrases, idioms or clever wording. Avoid making your website visitors have to think too hard about your company’s information.

#4) Know Your Target Audience: Use keywords throughout your content writing to provide answers to questions your reader may have. Remember to always keep your writing engaging and relevant to your business.

#5) Make it Persuasive: Using strategically crafted, error-free copy, integrating calls to action and paying attention to visuals can help keep your website’s visitors engaged.

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