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3 Reasons Why You Should Book Disney with a Travel Agent

Once you arrive, Disney World is a magical place filled with fun, excitement and memory-making opportunities.

But oftentimes, planning a trip to meet the famed Mouse can be overwhelming and worrisome.

Besides reducing stress, here are three of the most popular reasons why you should book your upcoming Disney World trip with a qualified Disney travel agent.

They’re More Experienced

Choosing when to go is one of the easiest parts of planning a Disney vacation. After that, the decision making can quickly spiral out of control without the help of a Disney travel expert. Which parks will be visited (and for how long)? Are park hopper passes and/or FastPasses+ needed? Will a dining package be required (and if so, which one)? How are character dining experiences arranged?

There’s no doubt about it: Disney planning is complicated. That’s why Disney travel agents must pass Disney College of Knowledge courses and re-certify annually. They also must remain knowledgeable with the latest Disney news and details including the ever-changing hotel and attraction refurbishment list.

At Travel Agents for Canadians, Marty, our Theme Parks Specialist, visits Disney World a few times a year. This provides our agency with firsthand Disney knowledge that isn’t always found at other travel agencies. 

They’ll Save You Time 

When you’re planning a Disney vacation on your own, hours can be spent researching flights, hotels and discount offers. In no time at all, you’ll begin experiencing information overload.

A Disney travel agent can complete all of the laborious research for you. Their industry knowledge eliminates all of the online clutter and provides you with exceptional vacation options.

They’re also your best go-to source for advice on travel and health insurance, passport and visa applications, inoculation procedures and more.

And if an emergency were to happen during your vacation, they’re only a phone call away to provide you with time-saving assistance.

They’ll Save You Money

Since travel agents spend their days planning vacations, they know how to make your upcoming Disney trip as affordable as possible. They’re well versed on the options when it comes to airlines, accommodations and attractions and can find the best deals to meet your budget.

Disney vacation packages are the same price regardless of where they are booked. However, Disney travel agents are the first to know about new attractions and resorts and travel discounts such as free dining – saving you as much money as possible.

Plus, they often have insider connections that provide you with extras and upgrades.

The Bottom Line

A trip to Walt Disney World can quickly become overwhelming without the aid of an experienced Disney Travel agent. You can also end up missing out on some great discounts, travel tips and expert knowledge. 

Let us help you make your Disney dreams come true without the stress and worry of planning a Disney vacation on your own! Contact our office today and speak to our qualified Disney Travel specialist.

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