Press Release Writing

Does your business have some news that you would like to promote to the media? Our press release writing service is a great way to get media coverage and increase brand awareness about your Toronto, Hamilton or surrounding area business!


The press releases we write are specific and brief – exactly what journalists want. They don’t have time to be bogged down by complex information. What they want is easy to understand information that will be of value to their readers.

Besides journalists, there are many social media influencers including bloggers and tweeters who may find your news valuable. The results are limitless when it comes to our press release writing services!


Working hard on your business’s public relations strategy?

Press releases are a great opportunity to build your brand’s authority and increase awareness about your business. We can craft an effective press release for you that showcases specific information about a new service, an event, a product launch or other happening.

By incorporating attention-grabbing headlines and cleverly written copywriting, our press releases can help raise the interest level about your organization.


Press releases follow a very strict format and include significant quotations, attention-grabbing headlines and a third-person point of view. The end goal of a press release is media coverage for your business.

The copywriting within a press release must be interesting and have a specific goal. Is it to raise awareness of an upcoming event? To notify the community about a new service offering? Or to educate the public about how you can help them best?

Let our Toronto copywriting team help make that happen!


For years, we’ve been creating effective press releases that get your business’s message heard. We have a background and education in Public Relations and know how to create the best press releases for your small business.