3 of the Biggest Myths About Copywriting

copywriting myths

Being a freelance copywriter for over ten years, I’ve heard a lot about my trade.

Thankfully, the majority of people I encounter understand that like many other careers, copywriting requires a certain type of discipline, attention to detail and skill set unlike any other.

In this article, I’ll debunk three of the biggest myths about copywriting that are currently floating around.

Myth #1: Anyone Can Be a Copywriter

The majority of our clients have attempted to do their own copywriting prior to using our services.

They spend hours brainstorming topic ideas before trying to compose the first paragraph – then the first page.

Oftentimes, they even publish their blog post, website, e-newsletter or another type of copy, then are surprised and frustrated when it doesn’t produce the results they expected.

It’s understandable that many small business owners attempt to complete their own copywriting. As the person running your business, you live and breathe your company’s brand, goals and positioning. You are the sole person who knows it best.

You’re also likely trying to save money.

But let me tell you: Although there are some areas that you can DIY on your own in the business world, copywriting isn’t one of them.

A good copywriter has a solid education, skillset and, most importantly, lots of experience. Well-versed in SEO techniques, quality copywriters have a strong understanding of punctuation, spelling and grammar. They know how to compose copy that targets an audience interested in your business’s products or services and can integrate sales tactics to generate leads.

The bottom line? Even if you think you’re a good writer, you may not be a good copywriter.

Myth #2: Copywriting is Easy

So much more goes into copywriting than writing sentences.

To start, a thorough understanding of your business’s brand, positioning and target audience is needed. This helps a copywriter compose copy that appeals to potential customers interested in your offerings – and helps generates leads.

With the introduction of Google, copywriting got even more difficult. A great copywriter needs to stay up-to-date on the latest SEO techniques, which change by the day. They need to know what to include in their copy to get your business the results it deserves – as high up on the search engine results page as possible.

And they need to be great at what they do. The field of copywriting is competitive, so if a copywriter is going to be successful, they need to be better than “good.”

Besides SEO techniques, many other tactics are used to create compelling copy. Knowing – and using – these tactics effectively isn’t easy!

Myth #3: Copywriters Hate Feedback

Although I definitely can’t speak for all copywriters, I know that I love hearing feedback about my work. That’s why each piece of copy I create includes a complementary round of revisions. Doing so presents the opportunity for you to provide me with constructive feedback, good or bad.

Feedback from my clients provides me with a clear direction in my writing and strengthens our working relationship. When criticism is received, I’m sure to incorporate it into upcoming projects for you.

Listening (and integrating) your feedback helps strengthen the relationship I have with you and your business. It shows that I am fully committed to your brand’s messaging and the marketing goals of your organization.

Although negative criticism can sometimes be difficult to hear, I know that it’s a part of any career. And in the end, constructive criticism only helps make me a stronger copywriter!

Wrapping Up

Us freelance copywriters are a seriously misunderstood bunch.

Sure, we have the luxury of working in our pajamas if we so choose, but that doesn’t mean we don’t work hard.

In fact, we work super hard – and don’t have the ability to “leave our work at the office” at the end of the day. Oftentimes, we’re constantly thinking about how to strengthen your business’s copy – even when we aren’t sitting in front of our laptops. In fact, some of my best sentences are formed in the shower! 

In my experience, I’ve found that the most understanding clients are ones who have attempted to write their own copy before contacting my business. They have witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be to string words together to form traffic-converting sentences. They completely understand the amount of time, dedication and hard work that goes into the art of copywriting.

Want to experience for yourself the difference that hiring a professional Toronto copywriter can make to your business? Schedule a free, 15-minute consultation with me today. 

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