SEO Blog Copywriting

So, you have a great website that you spent time and money creating – awesome!

But being the busy small business owner that you are, it’s likely remained dormant since then, albeit the odd update to your hours or contact information.

Sure, having a website is the first necessary step to attract and retain new customers in this digital age. But having a website that doesn’t include relevant, regularly updated copy? It won’t be long before your website will soon fall behind your competitors’. Let our Toronto copywriters help!

the solution: SEO blog copywriting

Google loves new, relevant content. In fact, it rewards sites that regularly publish it with higher search engine results. But there’s only so many pages you can add to your website without it starting to look disorganized. That’s when search engine optimized (SEO) blog copywriting comes into play!

Blogging relevant, informative copy on your website is a great way to meet Google’s preference for fresh content. The best part? It does so without cluttering up your website.

Our Toronto and Hamilton Copywriters Can Help

Each SEO blog that you publish is a new way to target your industry’s web traffic. And the more and more traffic that is led to your site via a great blog article, the more authority your business builds in your industry.

Being able to provide answers to common questions and inquiries via your blog shows that you know what’s important to your customers – which Google notices. There’s no sense in writing copy on topics that nobody is even searching for!

Generate Long-Lasting Results 

As a small business owner, your marketing budget probably isn’t all that big. When you decide to spend some money on it, you want to get the best results.

Most marketing methods including social media ads and print publications provide results for one specific point in time. Once the ad has expired or your budget has been used up, then the customer leads stop coming in.

The opposite is true with SEO-focused blogs. Instead, the initial investment you make into a quality-made blog article can generate long-term results. Once published on the web, your blog article continue to rank in search engine results as long as people continue to search for that topic.

The results are even better if that blog’s content is ‘evergreen,’ or content that remains relevant far into the future. In fact, this type of blog writing experiences web traffic that actually increases over time!

Want to learn more about how SEO blog copywriting is the best, most affordable marketing strategy for your small business?