3 Ways a Freelance Copywriter Can Increase Your Profits

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You’ve done everything you can think of to bring in more money for your business.

You have a well-designed website.

You send out email marketing campaigns regularly.

You’ve even invested in Google ads!

But no matter what you do, you aren’t noticing an improvement in the number of leads you’re getting – and you’re starting to question what you’re doing.

Before you spend any more time or money, it’s time to hire a freelance copywriter. Their expert writing skills will drive more traffic to your website and convert that traffic into sales.

Let’s dive in and see how freelance copywriters can help you do what you’ve been trying to do yourself: increase business profits.

Hiring a Freelance Copywriter

Think about what your strongest skills are when it comes to running your business. Is one of them conversing with customers? Managing staff? Completing shipping and receiving?

Then think about what skills are your weakest. Accounting and bookkeeping? Inventory and shelving? Writing blog posts and email marketing campaigns?

Typically, our strengths are tasks that we enjoy doing and are confident that we do well. We usually complete them quickly and don’t find them particularly stressful or tiresome.

When we complete tasks that involve our weaknesses, we normally dread doing them and often try putting them off to another day or time. When we finally do get around to completing them, they’re sometimes not done as well as they could’ve been by a professional.

For something as crucial as copywriting, you can’t risk completing the task at a subpar level. Copy is what brings traffic to your website, builds a brand following, and converts leads into sales. If you don’t have the skillset to create the best copy confidently, you need to hire someone who does.

And that’s where a freelance copywriter comes in handy.

They Come With Experience

Whether a freelance copywriter is a generalist (like us!) or a specialist in a specific niche (such as B2B or healthcare), they all have the same skillset: writing engaging copy.

They usually have an education related to copywriting – such as in Public Relations, Communications, or English – plus years of experience under their belt. Freelance copywriters typically showcase their work on their own website and can provide you with writing samples, plus have several references or reviews of recent work available.

More established copywriters have a strong reputation in their field. You may hear of them by word of mouth or find them yourself through Google. When that’s the case, you know that the copywriter is doing something right – if they know how to be found on Google themselves, they should be able to produce similar results for you, too!

This type of experience comes from years of honing their craft. They’ve taken courses and certifications, attend conferences and events, follow industry leaders for trending news, and, most importantly, learned from doing things themselves.

Being a business owner, it would be next to impossible to devote enough time to become an expert copywriter. When you hire a freelancer, you can benefit from their expertise while freeing up your own time. Use this extra time to complete business tasks at which you do excel!

They Save You Money

A freelance copywriter can hit the ground running by coming in with the exact skill set you require. This saves you the time you would need to train an employee, leading to cost savings.

Unlike an employee, the amount of onboarding a freelancer requires is minimal. They aren’t a permanent staff member, so provide them with the information they need to complete their work and let them get to it. They complete professional copywriting day in and day out, so they should know how to do it well and require little direction.

Hiring a freelance copywriter on a project or retainer basis saves you from paying employee-related costs, such as benefits, Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and vacation. For the average employee, this can amount to savings of 20 to 30 percent annually. Even though freelancers’ hourly rates are usually more than traditional employees, the cost savings combined with their professional experience will be in your favour.

They Save You Time

No matter what type of business you own, there’s never enough hours in a day. And when we’re trying to complete tasks that we lack experience in, they take even more of our time to complete.

A freelance copywriter will likely be able to get your copy completed both quicker and more effectively than if you try to finish it yourself. Sure, hiring a freelance copywriter comes with a cost. But that cost makes good business sense.

Use the time savings that hiring a freelancer produces and devote that time to doing other business-related tasks that generate income for you – like handling customer relationships or communicating with product suppliers.

The Bottom Line

It’s hard enough to get everything done that you need to as a business owner. But when those tasks are out of your wheelhouse, it becomes extra challenging.

For many, copywriting is something that’s hard to do and time-consuming. When copy doesn’t produce the results you want, it can be frustrating, too. That’s where hiring a copywriter can help! Hire the right one, and a freelance copywriter can save you time and money while also increasing business profits.

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