4 Benefits of Using WordPress As Your Website Platform

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Unless otherwise requested, we build all of our clients’ websites using WordPress. We’re such strong supporters that we’ve even designed our site using it! Here are some of the major benefits of choosing WordPress as your website platform.

WordPress Benefit #1: Personalization

As the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), WordPress.com is currently used by over 455 million websites. Although initially utilized mainly by bloggers, businesses of all sizes and purposes now choose WordPress. From running large, complex sites for worldwide companies to powering small businesses, WordPress can make it happen.

When it comes to designing your new site, the sky’s the limit. There are hundreds of free themes available within the WordPress theme directory; plus, more options are available with premium WordPress themes. You even have the option to install a custom theme!

Ultimately, choosing a theme comes down to your needs, budget, and preferences. Trust us when we say, between all of the themes available (plus the ability to import a theme from outside of WordPress), finding a suitable one for your site won’t be a problem!

WordPress Benefit #2: User-Friendly

We’re often asked, “Will I be able to manage my WordPress site on my own after you design it for me?”

The short answer? “Yes!”

For business owners with limited tech knowledge, designing a WordPress site from scratch likely isn’t a possibility. But once created, the sites are relatively straightfordward to update on your own.

WordPress has an intuitive, easy to manage Admin dashboard that makes it seamless to upload new content and images. When it comes to more complicated tasks such as adding a new page, changing a theme, or importing a new font, we’re always available to help if needed – just like the WordPress customer service support team (if WordPress is chosen as the web host provider).

If you’re looking for a drag and drop page builder, WordPress isn’t for you. But for small business owners with some tech expertise, it’s our number one recommendation!

WordPress Benefit #3: Powerful Features

Many of our website development clients seek our services after realizing that their current website platform cannot accommodate their business’s needs. With WordPress, that’s never a worry – you can quickly adapt your website to accommodate business growth.

By utilizing a directory full of thousands of plugins, your website’s functionality becomes almost limitless. For businesses that require more complex features such as SEO, e-commerce, security, and spam control, plugins provide the answer. Many of these plugins are available at no extra cost. Occasionally, they will need to be updated; however, that process is simple. As a site grows and changes, plugins can be activated or deactivated.

WordPress understands that not every business owner has a coding background, either. A built-in customizer enables you to add widgets easily. These widgets offer the ability to add content blocks to your site’s sidebars, footers, and other areas without having to code.

With the help of the WordPress Editor, editing your content isn’t a problem. When writing new blog posts, adding and rearranging content is done quickly and accurately. A block system is available that enables you to add text, images, video, payment buttons, and page breaks – basically anything you need to create the best content for your site!

WordPress Benefit #4: Great SEO

Improving your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) is a constant battle – one that cannot be accomplished by any website builder on its own. However, WordPress makes traditional SEO practices uncomplicated to implement.

WordPress comes with basic SEO tools built-in already and completes regular updates for SEO improvements. In addition, you have the ability to make your site’s Google rankings even better. After downloading an SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO, optimizing content for keyword placement, content length, and more is effortless.

Mobile responsive isn’t a worry with WordPress sites, either. With responsive theme designs and plugin availability, websites quickly load on any device.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

When discussing WordPress, it’s important to realize that there are two different options: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.org is free and external hosting, yet extremely limited in its offerings. You can’t use a custom domain (URL), you have limited disk space, the inability to install specific plugins, and you need to pay to remove WordPress branding from your site. Although we don’t recommend it for any business owner, this option is suitable for a personal blog website.

WordPress.com’s paid plan is the website platform we suggest for businesses of all sizes. Offering full theme support, strong SEO, powerful analytics, and branding freedom, this option comes with a monthly (or yearly) cost.


When it comes to website platforms, there are plenty of choices. But for business owners looking for a flexible, straightforward option that will adapt to your company’s changing needs, we strongly suggest using WordPress.

For more information about designing the perfect website for your business, contact our Toronto copywriting and website design team today.

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