4 Red Flags to Look for When Hiring a Copywriter

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Maybe it was because it was causing you unnecessary frustration, worry and stress.

Maybe it was because you found you didn’t have enough time to do it properly.

Or maybe it was because you weren’t getting the results you deserved.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what propelled you to hire a copywriter. What is important is that you spend some time researching potential copywriters before you make a decision on who to hire.

Here are four red flags to look for when choosing a copywriter to work with.

Red Flag #1: They Don’t Have A Portfolio

As someone who is looking to work on others’ websites, marketing materials and blogs, it doesn’t look good when a copywriter does not have their own website.

Typically, websites are used to showcase a copywriter’s previous work, testimonials and information about their products and services. As a potential client, previewing a copywriter’s website can provide you with a sense of who they are, what type of clients they typically work with and the quality of work you would receive from using their services.

Although not often, some copywriters are even transparent about their rates by including them on their website. This can help you narrow down potential writers who meet your budgetary needs.

Red Flag #2: They Don’t Do Their Homework

Having a consultation meeting with a potential copywriter is much like hosting an interview with a potential new employee. You’re trying to determine if the copywriter could meet the needs of your business – and whether you could develop a positive working relationship with them.

When we conduct our consultation meetings, we are just as interested in seeing if we are a good fit for you as determining if you are a good fit for us. We spend a lot of time learning about your business’s needs, desired goals and marketing strategy. Doing so can help us determine if we think we will be able to successfully meet your marketing goals.

No copywriter is an expert in writing all types of copy; some focus on web copywriting only whereas others offer social media copywriting, newsletters, product descriptions and more.

Each copywriter has their own specialty, too. Someone who states that they are an expert in all types of copy and industries is a huge red flag – it’s simply not possible. Most copywriters have certain industries that they work with – industries that they have developed a clear understanding of its target audience, necessary writing tone and more.

If they are not experienced with writing for your industry, they are often able to refer you to an industry contact who is.

Red Flag #3: They Pressure You to Sign a Long-term Contract Immediately

Long-term contracts are scary. They’re scary for you, the client, and they can be scary for the copywriter, too.

What if the work begins and you’re not happy with what the copywriter is creating for you?

What if the copywriter realizes the work you require is out of their scope of work?

Instead, most professional copywriters ask for a short-term contract to start. They want to determine that they are the right fit for you before requiring a long-term contract.

Oftentimes, we do test projects for clients at the onset of our relationship with them. Doing so helps you see the quality of our work and makes you feel more comfortable before choosing us as your copywriter.

Red Flag #4: They Aren’t Professional

Since most copywriters operate remotely, communication is key. You need someone who will respond to your inquiries in a timely manner while delivering your projects on-time and on-budget.

When meetings are arranged, a copywriter should come prepared and ready to tackle the issue on hand.

And throughout every type of communication they have with you, they should use a high degree of professionalism. You are providing them with business and like every other type of business, great customer service should be offered.

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