4 Ways to Start Writing Great Headlines that Convert

how to write great headlines
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As the saying goes, “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

Even so, many people do. A book’s cover is what attracts potential readers and convinces them to learn more about its contents. In the end, it plays a huge role in whether a book sale is actually made or not.

Just like the cover design is crucial to a book, a headline is crucial to web copywriting. No matter what you write, your headline or title is what attracts the reader initially to your content and convinces him/her to keep reading.

Wondering how to better your chances of prospective customers reading your web copy? Here are four rules of thumb to keep in mind when writing great headlines that convert.

Make Your Headline Unique

Your small business is unique and your web copy’s headlines should be, too. If your headline sounds too similar to another article, then a potential reader could stop reading, thinking they’ve already read similar content elsewhere.

But if you make your headline refreshing, your copy will stand out and have a better chance of attracting readers’ attention.

Make Your Headline Ultra-Specific

Both your copy and your headline should be created with a specific audience in mind. The more specific your copy is, the more useful it will be to readers looking for a solution to their problem. That’s why lists, how-tos and step-by-step guides are popular formats for web copywriting.

Make Your Headline Useful

When you write web copy, you need to think like your target audience. What do they want to know about? What do they gain from reading the rest of your copy? Even if your content is unique, you need to describe how it will help the reader to keep him/her reading until the end.

Potential customers only want to read something that will benefit them. Your content must provide a benefit, solution or some other type of value for your audience. And your headline should portray that usefulness!

Make Your Headline Seem Urgent

Urgency in headlines convinces web visitors to click through to read the article, sign up for your blog subscription or pick up the phone to make an appointment. When utilizing urgency in headlines, readers are compelled to continue reading the entire article for fear of missing out.

Depending on the copy, you sometimes won’t be able to add a sense of urgency to your headline – and that’s okay! When you do use it, there’s a fine balance to achieve between making your copy seem urgent without being too pushy or salesy.

Increase Your Website’s Readers Today

According to Copyblogger, of the 80 percent of web visitors who will read your headline, only 20 percent will continue reading.

As professional copywriters servicing Toronto, Hamilton, Burlington and the surrounding areas, let us help you increase those chances by writing your web copy for you!

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