5 Tips for Writing Killer Copy


Every second of every day, Google is processing over 40,000 search queries which add up to 3.5 billion searches per day. So to stand out from all the others, your company needs killer copywriting.

Your blog and web content needs to be written in a way that will keep your audience engaged and more likely to convert into customers. We’re here to show you five tips to accomplish that!

#1) Do Your Homework Before You Begin!

Before you even begin writing your company’s blog or web copy, spending time doing some research is key.

To begin, complete keyword research to find out what your customers are searching for on search engines. Use those keywords to brainstorm some content that can be written around them.

Next, determine the goal of the piece of content. Most likely, you’re trying to increase website traffic, but what about using your writing to collect email sign-ups or answer questions from customers?

#2) Come Up with a Plan of Action

Usually, the most difficult part of writing killer copy is how to begin. When you have an outlined plan of how you want to structure your piece, it’s easier to get started!

Create a template or outline to see at a glance the type of information you want to include in each section. Doing so shows which areas are weaker and require more information.

Plus, it streamlines the writing process by knowing exactly what needs to come next in your writing.

#3) Keep Your Audience Engaged

With the high level of copy available on the web, web visitors aren’t going to stick around on your site if your content is boring! You need to figure out how to write in an engaging way to keep your audience reading until the end.

Think about the tone you want used throughout your writing. If you want to be portrayed as a fun, friendly company (such as a marketing or kids’ toys company), you may want to use a more casual tone as compared to a more serious industry (like funeral homes and insurance companies).

#4) Make Readability a Priority

Killer copy is created to be easy to read – and involves much more than typographic aspects like font size, height and line length.

For example, subheadings should be used to break up the content, allowing for readers to quickly find the information they need. To capture the readers’ attention, these should include important and interesting phrases that encourage them to continue reading.

Plus, the vocabulary and syntax used throughout the copy should be relative to the topic. Consider the audience you’re trying to target with your writing. If the piece is geared to a specialized audience, it may be okay to use acronyms and complex language.

#5) Pay Attention to the Details

There’s nothing worse than having a great piece of content riddled with spelling or grammatical errors. Almost immediately, your content is viewed less professionally or skipped over altogether by your audience.

Even if punctuation or spelling isn’t your strong suit, you can still create a great piece of copy! Use your computer’s spell checking program, or download Grammarly, a free program that edits your work on almost everything you type.

When All Else Fails, Contact the Experts!

Even with the tips above, writing great copy can be challenging. Before you lose your mind sitting in front of a blank screen waiting for an idea to emerge, know that we can provide the solution!

Contact us today to find out more about the killer copy we can create for your business.

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