Need Tips on Copywriting? Here Are My Top 4

If you’re going to spend hours writing web content, blog content and social media copy, you need to make it worth your while.

Use my following four tips for creating effective copy or content writing for your business.

Tip #1: Write in a Personal Way

Nobody likes reading boring web copy. One way to avoid that? Write the way you speak.

Start by using language that is informal, casual and conversational. Incorporate stories from your own experience, use case studies and draw on testimonials. Avoid using long, wordy sentences, complex clauses and a big vocabulary. Keeping paragraphs short provides readers with the ability to consume and retain your information.

Of course, this tip doesn’t work for all types of copy. But for social media, blogs and web content, it’s a great idea to try out.

Tip #2: Skip the Fluff

If you’re writing just for the sake of getting a blog post completed for the month, then don’t even bother.

It doesn’t take long for a reader to get bored with reading “fluff” or content that doesn’t deliver anything meaningful. Avoid writing content that doesn’t offer any new knowledge or provide an entertainment value to the reader.

Also avoid extending a topic just to hit a certain word count. Nobody likes reading rambling, repetitive or redundant content.

If you don’t, you’re just wasting your time. Your target audience will scroll on by on social media or website visitors will quickly leave your site. This could leading to a high bounce rate, which can negatively affect your Google rankings.

Tip #3: Ask for Feedback

I totally understand how difficult it can be asking for advice about something you’ve created. You’ve spent countless hours and an ample amount of energy writing copy that you think is great – what if the person you ask to read it doesn’t agree?

But that’s the whole point. You’re not writing for yourself – you’re writing for a target audience. You need to know that they will be interested in what you have to say. The best way to find out? Ask a trusted friend or family member to take a look at your work and honestly provide feedback.

Want to hire a professional instead? There are experts available who can proofread and tighten up your writing.

As a copywriter for over 10 years, I still have others take a look at certain pieces of my work. In fact, I’ve received great advice from people who do not even have a copywriting background!

Tip #4: Edit, Edit and Edit Again

You can never edit enough.

Actually, that’s a lie. You eventually need to stop editing or you will drive yourself crazy (trust me on this).

Once you get a draft copy completed, take a break. Go outside for a few minutes, drink a coffee or make a phone call – anything to give your mind a moment to refresh itself.

Then, run your copy through a spelling and grammar checker to complete your first round of edits.

Print off your content, then put it aside for the moment.

When you’re completely refreshed (a few hours or days later), take out a red pen and edit ruthlessly. Cut out extra, unnecessary words and shorten up sentences while keeping the above tips on copywriting in mind.

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