Time Management Strategies to Use When Blog Writing

time management strategies
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When you first start your company’s blog, you’re excited! It’s easy to come up with a topic to write about and finding an appropriate image to match the post isn’t a problem.

However, in only a matter of months– or maybe even weeks – you start to realize that blog writing is more difficult than you initially thought. Your well of topics has started to dry up and writing an article is taking you much longer than anticipated.

Sometimes, when the article finally gets completed, you aren’t even sure that anyone else will read it. Even so, you decide to publish it since you don’t want to start over.

Before you give up entirely on your blog writing endeavour, why not hit the refresh button? Use the following time management strategies when writing your company’s blog.

#1) start with a plan

If coming up with topics is becoming difficult, it’s time to find new inspiration. Whether your blog is to increase brand awareness or organic search traffic, you need to find out what interests your target audience.

Start by taking a look at the analytics provided within your website: Which blogs had the most views? Which ones had the highest number of shares? What types of topics attracted the most comments? Usually, you can find a common theme amongst the more popular blog posts.

Use this information to craft new blog topics that are similar, yet different from your most popular ones. For example, if you have a high-ranking post about “2019 Real Estate Trends,” then you could create a similar one reflecting the current year’s trends.

Inspiration for other content topic ideas can be drawn from websites such as Google Trends, Buzz Sumo and Uber Suggest.

Sometimes, blog topics can be found right in front of you. Simply ask your customers what product and service offerings they would like to learn more about!


Many times, we hear clients say that they simply do not have time to start a company blog. We can understand! Between staff and customer management, inventory control and payroll, it can be hard to see when you can squeeze another task into your busy day.

To start finding time, we suggest treating blog writing as non-negotiable. Just like you somehow find time to do payroll each week, you need to find the time to blog regularly, too.

Whether you are most productive first thing in the morning before staff and customers arrive (and after the coffee kicks in), or you prefer to do creative work in the quietness following your closing hours, find a time that works for you. Schedule this time in your calendar – much like you would a dentist appointment or date with a friend – and remain committed to completing it during those set hours.

#3) break it down

As the popular saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

Completing a daunting task such as writing a blog post can be more easily accomplished when it’s broken down into smaller tasks.

For example, spend some time completing topic research one day and then another day conducting research.

To avoid getting off-track during the blog writing process, draw up an outline first. Prepare to be surprised! Although it may seem unnecessary and time-consuming to complete an outline, the time it takes is normally more than recovered during the blog writing process.

Another blog writing task – editing – should be done when your mind is fresh. This blog writing tip (amongst many others) can help make your work the best it can be.

#4) capitalize on down time

If you have a storefront, maybe it’s quiet for the afternoon. If you work remotely, perhaps you’re in between client projects.

Instead of worrying about why your business is experiencing a slow period, use this time for tasks like blog writing! Most website platforms allow you to pre-schedule posts months in advance.

When business picks up again, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to find the time to complete your blog writing.

Conclusion About Time Management Strategies

Even if it seems difficult, taking the time to create original, engaging blog articles about topics that your target audience is searching for is important. Blog writing should be a key part of your marketing strategy and can be super helpful to increase your website’s SEO.

P.S. If you implement the time management strategies above and find that you still can’t write an effective blog, we’ve got you covered!

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