What is Copywriting?


A term once used only jokingly, ‘information overload’ is now a reality.

On a daily basis, we are presented with the equivalent amount of 34 gigabytes of information. On the web alone, social media, web pages, emails and advertisements continuously present your brain with information to read and process.

All of this online information is referred to as copy (or content) and copywriting is the act of producing this information.

Writing the Best Content for Your Company

Since we are inundated with information each and every day, it can be difficult to get your company’s information noticed by your audience. But with expert copywriting, this task becomes simpler.

Writing high-quality, engaging material that is targeted at a specific audience has the best chance of getting read. The content needs to be researched and creatively written in a way that resonates well with an intended audience.

Content writing can directly affect a business’s revenue, so it’s important to ensure it’s constructed with quality in mind.

Creating Effective Copywriting 

In its most basic sense, copywriting can be used to inform the reader of a company’s news and products.

Visiting a website to find specific information and having to click around aimlessly looking for answers can be frustrating. But effective copywriting can be used to make navigating a website quick and simple for potential customers!

Plus, website visitors can be persuaded to stay longer (and potentially convert into customers) if a site features engaging content.

Ensuring Your Copywriting is SEO Friendly

Since copywriting involves so much more than jotting some ideas down on a website or in a blog post, hiring a professional copywriter is key!

Professional copywriters know how to write well in a way that will resonate with your audience.  Plus, they have a solid skillset in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Creating search engine optimized content is important if you want your customers to easily find you using search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. The best expert copywriters know how to create SEO friendly copy that get noticed by search engines!

Skills Needed to Create Great Copywriting

Writing quality content requires more than just a great idea. Here’s what’s needed to write copy that will keep your audience engaged:

  • Strong researching skills and the ability to find out topics that your audience will want to read about.
  • Expert proofreading: a company’s credibility instantly diminishes when there are errors.
  • Specialized knowledge on the subject matter; you need to know what you’re writing about!
  • Creativity, since nobody will want to read boring copy!

Outsource Your Company’s Copywriting Needs

Writing great copy takes specialized skills which is why many companies choose to outsource their copywriting needs.

For quality copywriting services, contact Sarah McKenzie Copywriting Services today.

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