What Is Freelance Copywriting?

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Freelance copywriting: all business owners can benefit from using it, but many don’t even know it’s an option.

Known as the process of writing words that attract, engage, and convince a target audience to take action – professional copywriting is beneficial for all sizes and types of businesses. You can find copy almost everywhere: from social media posts to email marketing campaigns to websites. When done well, it can help you build brand recognition, grow social media followers and blog subscribers, and most importantly, increase sales.

Unless you’re a large business, you likely don’t require a full-time copywriter on staff. And that’s where a freelance copywriter comes in handy! From what freelance copywriting is to hiring the right freelance copywriter, this article discusses it all. Let’s dive in!

What You Should Know About Freelance Copywriting

When you decide to work with a freelance copywriter, you’re working with another business owner. This individual is not a part of your actual staff – that’s why they’re classified as freelance – but they do act as an extension of your staff.

Since they’re freelance, they can be hired for a particular project only or used on a more regular basis (known as a retainer). They typically work off-site since they have multiple clients at once.

To produce compelling copy, they’ll need to get to know your business intimately. This starts with developing a complete understanding of your target audience. Knowing who your target audience is and what they’re looking for online can help freelance copywriters create copy that fulfills their needs.

Understanding your brand’s voice and tone is also crucial. Do you want to come across as professional and trustworthy, or more funny and friendly? Whatever you decide, this should be carried throughout all of your other branding, too – not just your copy. Choose appropriate brand colours, typography, and even packaging to deliver a cohesive brand experience.

Freelance copywriters can be jacks of all trades or specialists. If they’re like us, they can write on almost any topic and for a wide range of industries. Other freelance copywriters choose to focus on a certain niche, such as healthcare or technology. Regardless, all freelance copywriters should possess top-notch research and editing skills and be highly creative. They need to know how to communicate well, too – to not only you but your target audience. That requires a solid understanding of search engine optimization (SEO).

Since they typically juggle multiple clients at once, freelance copywriters need to have strong project management skills. They should have effective systems in place to deliver content that meets your expectations and deadlines.

Who Needs a Copywriter?

Every type of business – big or small – can benefit from working with a freelance copywriter.

As a start-up, creating a strong brand reputation is crucial for success. You need to get the word out that you’re a new business and explain how your products and services can solve the pain points of your target audience.

Once you establish your business, the work doesn’t stop. Now, you need to continue working on building a loyal following, attracting new website traffic, and converting leads into sales.

A freelance copywriter can help you do all of that – and at a budget you can afford. Since they’re not a part of your in-house staff, you can use them as frequently or infrequently as you need. Want to develop new content for your website before you launch your business? They can help complete this single project. Looking to increase website traffic through weekly SEO blog copywriting? They can manage that, too.

If you don’t know what you should be focussing on, ask the freelance copywriter for advice. We always suggest starting with your website and making sure it’s the best it can be. After all, it’s likely your biggest source for new traffic – and customers.

Why Hire a Copywriter?

Although there are many different reasons for hiring a copywriter, clients usually contact us for one of two reasons: they lack the time to do it themselves or lack the experience.

Save Time

Running a business isn’t easy – we know firsthand! Daily, you’re typically being pulled in multiple directions at once. As a result, some tasks take a backseat – and it’s no fault of your own. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to complete everything you need to!

When business owners recognize that they lack the time but realize the importance of strong copy, they often hire a copywriter.

Get Expert Help

You also can’t be expected to be an expert at all business-related aspects. Copywriting takes a lot of education, training, and practice, which is why it’s a career all on its own. By hiring an experienced freelance copywriter, they can hit the ground running at your business – no training needed.

Tips on How to Hire a Freelance Copywriter

At the start of your working relationship with a freelance copywriter, outline your expectations. How often do you want follow-up on projects? Do you prefer in-office meetings or Zoom? Will you be providing a lot of direction on projects, or minimal? The answers to these questions will help the copywriter determine if they’re going to be the right fit for your needs. They can also use this information to provide you with an accurate quote for their freelance copywriting services.

Remember the reason you’re hiring a freelance copywriter in the first place. You’ve likely been struggling with generating fresh content ideas and optimizing blog posts for SEO. Perhaps you have been producing content, but it’s not creating results. Or maybe, like so many other busy business owners, you lack the time to even think about copywriting.

Whatever your decision is for hiring a freelance copywriter, trust their judgment. An experienced freelance copywriter is here to take this one major task off your to-do list – so let them do it. Sure, be involved in the process – and ask for their opinion on content-related matters – but also sit back and let them do their job, too.

At the same time, understand that results from copywriting can’t be seen overnight. Content writing is a long-term strategy and requires patience to see outcomes. And frequently, you play a part in creating them. For example, if you’re working with a freelance copywriter who creates regular SEO blog articles for you, optimizing them when publishing them to your site and promoting them is usually up to you (or another marketing team member).

The Bottom Line

Freelance copywriting helps business owners get expert help creating engaging content for their website, blog, social media, and email marketing. Usually hired for their expertise or to save time, freelance copywriters can help businesses of various sizes and types. With its ability to build brand recognition and increase sales, freelance copywriting is a worthwhile investment for all businesses.

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