What Skills Are Needed to Be an Effective Copywriter?

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A quick online search can produce thousands of copywriters who are eager to get your business. But how many of them can actually write successfully for you?

Here are three key skills that are necessary for every copywriter to succeed.

#1) Effective Copywriters Create Original Content – Every Time.

It’s crucial that every piece of copy that your writer creates is completely original.

Not only is your company’s reputation at stake, but plagiarized content is bad for search engine optimization (SEO). Google recognizes when copy has been duplicated and penalizes you with poor search rankings.

The best type of copy is error-free, unique and engaging. Effective writers can bring a distinctive voice or alternate perspective to even the most overworked subjects.

#2) Effective Copywriters Remain Up-to-Date on Industry Trends.

The world of SEO is constantly changing. When you hire a copywriter, you need to feel confident that they are up-to-date on the latest industry trends and know how to get you the best results. Although creating high-quality content is the best way to get your copy read, SEO is still crucial.

Like SEO, keyword research is also key. A talented writer will know what keywords to include in your content to help you get found by your target audience.

#3) Effective Copywriters Can Master Different Writing Styles.

Yes, it’s important to hire a copywriter that can create engaging, informative content for your business. Equally important, however, is hiring a writer who is capable of writing in a tone that best matches your company’s brand.

Do you see your company as funky, energetic and upbeat? A lively, first-person narrative may be what you want used throughout your company’s content.

Do you have a more serious, professional-type business? If so, a thoughtful, more polished tone could be used to match this company image.

A strong copywriter takes the time to fully understand your company’s brand so that they can accurately portray it throughout their writing.

Choosing an Effective Copywriter is Key to Your Company’s Success

Once you’ve decided to outsource your company’s copywriting needs, it’s important to do it right.

Spend some time choosing a reputable writer. Someone who has the above three skills will help you get the results you expect from outsourcing this important task.

At Sarah McKenzie Copywriting Services, we pride ourselves on understanding our client’s needs first before putting pen to paper.

We then work closely with you to create original, engaging content that gets found by search engines. Let us discuss our copywriting services with you! Contact us today for more details.


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