5 Questions to Ask Yourself when Choosing Blog Images


So you’ve followed our tips for writing killer copy and have your latest blog post ready to go.

Sure, the words you write are super important – but choosing an image is arguably even more important. Since the majority of us are visual learners, it’s crucial that the image you choose for your blog content will grab your audience’s attention and compel them to read your words.

Before you hit that scary “publish” button, ask yourself the following five questions about the image choice for your blog article.

#1) Is Your Image Relevant?

It will only take your readers a matter of seconds to decide whether they are interested enough to read your website’s copy.

Besides the headline, the featured image is normally the first thing that someone sees in an email or on social media. As such, it must have a clear connection to the headline and be relevant to your site’s content.

#2) Is Your Image Captivating?

The image you choose is the first impression your readers receive of your content.

Don’t risk choosing a boring or unremarkable visual – it will only result in fewer click-throughs.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your imagery; it can make even less-appealing copywriting more interesting!

#3) Is Your Image Professional Looking?

Copy riddled with spelling and grammar errors aren’t the only things that can make your business look unprofessional!

Images that aren’t respectful to various cultures, religions and political views can be deemed offensive by your audience and can negatively impact your business.

#4) Is Your Image User-Friendly?

Choosing an image with improper resolution can take your blog page longer to load.

According to this report, 40% of web visitors will abandon a web page that takes longer than three seconds to load.

Don’t risk losing an audience that’s not willing to wait for images to load! Try to keep your image sizes to under 100KB and follow these other tips for increasing downloading speeds.

#5) Is it Legal to Use Your Image?

The Internet makes it so easy to find a variety of images that would suit your blog post. But keep in mind that some images published on the web can be subject to copyright issues.

Avoid any headaches with copyright infringement by using a subscription service to a stock photo service.

The Bottom Line

Choosing an image is not as easy as you may think! However, putting the effort into choosing a great image to accompany your blog content pays off with increasing your blog’s traffic.

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