6 Tips for Working with a Freelance Copywriter

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Your website designer has put together a beautiful template for you but needs the content – or copy – to finish it up.

Not a big deal, right?

Until you realize the importance of your website content.

Sure, design is important – and you need one that incorporates a great user experience (UX). But the words on your website pages themselves? They’re what actually influence website traffic to convert into a sale.

Unless you’re an expert on search engine optimization (SEO), are a strong writer, and have extra time available, it will be worth your while to hire a freelance copywriter for the task.

And once you find someone you’re interested in working with, you’ll need to lay the groundwork for success. Here are six tips to keep in mind when working with a freelance copywriter.

#1: Give Them All the Details

Your copywriter will likely have several questions for you before work begins. Answering them as honestly and completely as possible will help ensure they’re on the right track to producing the best work possible. For example, we like to always ask the following questions to our new clients:

  • What are your main objectives for this copy?
  • What tone of voice do you want us to use in our writing?
  • What’s unique about your business; what sets you apart from your competitors?
  • Do you have previous copy you can show us and tell us what you liked/didn’t like about it?
The Bottom Line

The more information you provide at the start of your project, the smoother the process will go.

#2: Let Them Do Their Thing

Yes, this is your business – your baby. But copywriting is your freelancer’s baby!

You need to trust the copywriting process and trust that you’ve partnered with a capable writer. We understand that this can be hard; heck, asking someone else to create the copy for your site can even be nerve-wracking. But realizing that they’re an expert at their trade – just like you are at running your own business – can make this step easier.

The Bottom Line

Leave the micromanaging out of it and let your copywriter show you what they’re capable of.

#3: Be Open to Their Advice

Whether it’s because of a lack of time or knowledge, you’ve decided to partner with a freelance copywriter for a good reason. And although you may have general ideas for the content you envision, you need to leave some wiggle room, too.

When you choose a freelance copywriter with experience, they’ll likely have ideas about wording things a certain way. They’ll know how to best capture the attention of your customers and use SEO to your advantage.

As long as there’s rationale behind why they’ve written your content a certain way, we suggest you implement their suggestions. But of course, at the end of the day, you have the final say!

The Bottom Line

Great copywriters write with strategy in mind – which doesn’t always line up with what you have in mind. You can question their work, but trust that they’re the experts here.

#4: Set Realistic Timeframes

Hiring a freelancer is not like hiring an employee. If they’re experienced, they often have a full client load. That means you can’t expect work to be turned around immediately.

Unless you’re willing to pay a rush fee to get to the top of their project pile, we suggest you provide your copywriter with as much time as possible. Better yet, ask them what their current turnaround time is.

The copy they’re creating for you will likely be on your site for the next couple of years, so you want to make it the best it can be.

The Bottom Line

The more time you provide your copywriter with, the more time they will have to ensure your content draft is as perfect as possible.

#5: Embrace the Revision Process

Hiring a freelance copywriter is easier than trying to write the content yourself – but don’t assume you’ll have no work to do during the process.

It will likely take some time to get your content close to what you had in mind, so expect to make some revisions. At the start of the project, your copywriter should outline how many revisions are included in the project rate. These revisions typically do not include a complete change in direction – so keep this in mind.

During the revision process, read the content closely. Offer detailed suggestions for changes to ensure the next draft is even more on target.

Be receptive to your copywriter’s feedback. Whether you like it or not, there’s still time to get it right – so be respectful and kind in your criticism.

The Bottom Line

Revisions are an important part of the copywriting process, so use this time wisely.

#6: Give Them Constructive Feedback

Once you’re happy with the final draft, why not let the copywriter know? Leaving a positive review on their Google My Business listing or social media site is one of the best compliments you can give.

Taking five minutes to publicly announce how happy you were with your copywriter’s work will allow them to help other clients in the same manner they helped you!

The Bottom line

Give praise to your copywriter when praise is due!

The Key Takeaway

Working with a freelance copywriter to create your website content can be one of the smartest decisions you’ll make as a business owner. With their expertise, expect to generate more traffic, leads, and sales than if you did it on your own. Find out for yourself by contacting our Toronto copywriters today!

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