Blog Copywriting Tips: 5 Steps to Follow when Writing Effective Blogs

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According to Forbes, having a blog on your website increases search engine traffic, humanizes your brand and increases leads.

But a blog will only achieve those results if it’s written properly! Here are five of the best blog copywriting tips we suggest you follow when writing your small business’s blog.

Make a Plan

A great blog article doesn’t just formulate out of thin air; it comes from a plan of action.

Just like in school, use an outline to draft your blog articles. Start with a catchy headline and introduction to draw the reader in, then flow into several points to prove your article’s intent. Finish with a conclusion which should always include a call-to-action to spur further action from your reader.

Use different size headings, bullet points and numbered lists to make your article clear and easy to follow.

Edit Like a Pro

You’re writing articles to come across as an authority figure on a certain topic, product or service. Why hurt that with poor editing?

Take the time to properly review each and every blog article you create. And don’t edit immediately following its creation! Instead, wait until another time when your mind is clear, refreshed and ready to notice any grammar, punctuation or spelling errors.

Do Your Homework

If you’re a small business owner, you’re probably already an expert on what your business sells or offers.

But are you an expert on your audience?

Getting to know what your audience wants to learn about isn’t as hard as you may think. You could send out a survey, check out your website analytics to see what pages are most visited, or ask your salespeople for advice on what customers ask the most.

Then, craft some interesting topics around that information. For example, if you own a roofing company and your salesman is regularly asked the pros and cons of a steel roof over a shingle roof, then consider writing one or two articles just on that topic.

Think Outside of the Box

Although it can be difficult always coming up with fresh topics, it’s one of the best blog copywriting tips to follow.

Think off all those times you were forced to read boring stuff throughout school. You did it because you had to, right?

When it comes to websites, you don’t have to stay on a site that has boring information. You can find another website that discusses similar products, services and topics but in a more engaging way.

Even the most boring topics can be brought to life with the right copywriting techniques!

The #1 Blog Copywriting Tip

Sometimes, no matter how much you try to write great blog copy on your own, it just doesn’t happen.

That’s when it’s time to outsource to a true professional.

As one of the best Toronto copywriters, we are ready to create engaging, interesting and informative blog articles targeted to your audience.

Take the stress and worry out of following the proper blog copywriting tips yourself by outsourcing your blog copywriting. Until November 11, use discount “BLOGTIPS” to save 20% off your next blog article with us!

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