How to Easily Improve User Experience

bad user experiences are frustrating
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Think about the last time you went into a store and received poor customer service. Did you ever go back?

Like physical locations, websites have one opportunity to leave a first impression – good or bad – on a visitor. That’s why you need to do everything possible to ensure your website experience is a positive one. Here’s what you should know about user experience design and how to improve it on your website quickly.

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4 Reasons to Refresh Your Website Design

Approximately 50 milliseconds – that’s the length of time it takes for users to create a first impression of your business. If it’s not positive, it takes only a couple more seconds for them to be checking out your competitor instead.

There’s no doubt about it: You need your website to stand out. Hopefully, after reading our last blog post, you’ve spent time making your website content the best it can be. But before you can check “update website” off your to-do list, you need to take a minute and review the look of your website, too. Here’s what to keep in mind when deciding whether you need to refresh your website design.

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5 Reasons to Refresh Website Copywriting

website copywriting

For most business owners, your website is your best marketing tool. You use it to attract new traffic from Google, provide further information about your products and services, and direct social media traffic. But only a great website can achieve these goals.

Website design and functionality are important – super important. Without them, brand image, user experience, and marketing metrics can suffer. But in the end, they don’t matter much if web traffic isn’t receiving the information they need from your site – and what makes that happen is effective copywriting.

Wondering if your website copywriting is working as hard as it can be for you? Here are five of the biggest reasons to consider updating your website content.

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4 Benefits of Using WordPress As Your Website Platform

wordpress website platform
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Unless otherwise requested, we build all of our clients’ websites using WordPress. We’re such strong supporters that we’ve even designed our site using it! Here are some of the major benefits of choosing WordPress as your website platform.

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