How to Know When You Need a New Blog Writer


Woohoo! After finally realizing the benefits of outsourcing your blog writing, you took the leap and hired a blog writer!

Maybe initially, the copywriter you chose was a great fit. Deadlines were being met, valuable content was being created and the copy was producing results.

But maybe now, you’re starting to have your doubts about the copywriter you hired. Here’s how to know when it may be time to start looking elsewhere for a new blog writer for your business.

You’re No Longer Seeing Results

Using your website’s analytics, you should be able to easily see how much traffic your blog has been getting lately. Better yet, you’ll be able to see how many blog followers you have. If you’ve noticed that your blog traffic is down or that you no longer have as many blog followers, then you need to take action!

Ask your blog writer if there is a way this concern can be addressed. If your blog writer doesn’t seem that worried about getting your blog the readership it deserves, start looking elsewhere for a new blog writer.

Your Deadlines are No Longer Being Met

Since most freelance writers work with multiple clients, they are constantly juggling various projects. With each new project they take on, a new deadline is added to their workload.

Sometimes, these deadlines conflict with other project deadlines that the copywriter already has. Other times, a freelancer writer simply has taken on too much work and cannot keep up with their copywriting…meaning your business’ blog article misses its deadline.

It’s important that you regularly publish fresh, valuable content to your blog. So whatever reason your copywriter has for your blog article being late (or forgotten about altogether), there really is no excuse – especially if this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Your Business is No Longer Being Presented Properly

When you outsource your business’ blog writing, you’re entrusting someone else with properly conveying a certain tone on your blog. Whether it be a serious or fun writing style, a blog writer should write in a way that resonates well with your audience base.

Your freelancer needs to be capable of writing in the proper tone you would like conveyed on your blog. Plus, he/she needs to ensure that you’re happy with their writing style before they hit “publish” on your company’s blog.

If you find that your blog no longer accurately represents your business’ tone, then consider hiring a new copywriter.

You’re No Longer Getting Valuable Copy from Your Writer

Perhaps initially, your chosen writer was keen on constantly coming up with fresh content ideas. But maybe now, you’re finding that the copy they’re producing is boring and/or not really valuable to your audience.

To ensure your content continues to be read by your audience, interesting copy needs to constantly be created.

If you find that’s not the case with your company’s blog, then take it as another sign to find a new writer.

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