How to Write the Best Business Blog Post

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“Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.”
~ Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773)

Back in the 18th century, there weren’t computers, the Internet, websites or blogs. So when Stanhope said his famed quote, he most definitely was not referring to the art of copywriting.

Even so, the beauty of his famed words is that they can be applied to anything in life – including writing blog articles. Here are five tips to ensure you are creating the best blog posts possible for your business.

#1) Choose an Appealing Topic for Your Audience

When writing your blog articles, you need to put yourself in your customer’s position. What would your customers be interested in reading about regarding your industry? What types of questions do they have about your products or services?

Writing articles that will be of interest to your audience will have a greater chance of being read.

#2) Make it Captivating

Think about the last time that you started to read something that was boring. More than likely, you stopped reading right away.

Ensure the same doesn’t happen to your blog articles by creating valuable copy. Writing articles that will provide knowledge to your audience will keep them coming back for more. Remember to include an eye-catching headline and an engaging introduction, too. Eventually, you’ll be seen as the go-to source for information and advice in your industry.

Don’t forfeit quality due to time constraints. If you simply don’t have time to write valuable content, consider outsourcing this task to a professional Toronto copywriter.

#3) Spend Some Time Choosing an Image

If you think choosing an appropriate image for your blog is easy, then think again! As discussed here, your choice of imagery for your blog plays a huge impact on attracting readers.

Make sure the image you choose to article your blog article is relevant, professional and high quality.

#4) Develop Your Blogging Style

Your blog is the perfect opportunity to develop a voice for your business. And the type of business you have will determine the tone you choose when writing your copy.

For example, a funeral home’s blog will likely have a much more serious tone compared to a blog for a home builder or photographer.

What type of tone do you want your own blog article writing to convey?

#5) Keep Readability in Mind 

Although there really is no perfect structure for blog article writing, there is one thing that remains consistent amongst all successful blogs: excellent readability.

Your blog article should be easy to read and properly utilize headings and fonts.

Don’t forget about proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, too!

Determining the Success of Your Blog Article

Knowing whether you’ve composed a poorly written business blog post or a great one is never a guess – your website traffic stats will clearly show you the answer!

Besides seeing an increase in website traffic and conversion rates, check out your business’s social media. If your recent blog post is commented on and shared with others, you’ll know that you’ve written something that your audience finds interesting.

After writing one great blog article, continue to apply the same technique to future blog copywriting. The more successful blog content you create, the greater your chances are for being seen as an industry expert.

Make Stanhope proud! If you’re going to write a blog article, write it well.  For information about outsourcing your copywriting, contact us today.

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