The Importance of Visuals in Copywriting


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As humans, our attention span has dwindled to being only eight seconds – or one second shorter than your average goldfish.

With an attention span that short, you must get extra creative with creating blog and web copy that will keep your audience captivated. One great way of accomplishing that is by incorporating visuals into your business’ copywriting.

Visuals Provide the Speed that Readers Need

Since visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text, they help keep our short attention span. Plus, the majority (65%) of us are visual learners.

Within only a matter of seconds, we want to determine whether a piece of content is interesting enough for us to spend our time reading – and visuals help us make that decision.

Visuals Make Your Copywriting Memorable

In a recent article, we discussed how overloaded our lives have become with information.

One way of handling the overwhelming amount of data and information around us is through visual presentation. In only a couple of seconds, you can quickly determine whether or not reading a piece of content is worth your time.

Boost your chances of having an audience read your business’ copywriting by including captivating visuals.

Visuals Can Even Make Your Boring Copy Engaging

Nobody likes reading boring copy. But sometimes, we have dull information like stats that need to be presented. Visuals can provide the solution!


Visuals help a reader to better understand a message compared to only text. Instead of simply presenting figures and statistics throughout your writing, use graphic charts, graphs or infographics to keep your audience engaged.

Visuals also help get your data research read by more readers.  Readers love sharing captivating data that has been presented in a visual way! According to QuickSprout, blog articles featuring graphs and charts receive 258% more trackbacks (external links) than blog posts with other image types.

Visual Content Gets Shared More on Social Media

It’s no coincidence that our two most popular social networks, Instagram and Snapchat, are visual-based.

Visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. Tweets with images receive almost double the number of views compared to content without visuals.

Images are crucial to the success of blog or web copy. Besides being processed quicker than text and in a much more appealing way, visuals attract more people to your content. Visuals help them remember the content longer, too!

Be sure to incorporate visuals into your own copywriting today! Contact us for more information about how we can help.

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