The Top 4 Web Copywriting Tips to Create Copy that Converts


So you’re finally getting traffic to your website – but that traffic isn’t converting into more leads. Why?

Nine times out of ten, it’s because you have poor web copy.

Web copy that doesn’t relate to the reader and influence behaviours just won’t work. But luckily for you, we know what does!

Here are four major web copywriting tips to follow when creating web copy that will convert.

Speak in Plain Language

You don’t have much time to convince your website’s visitors to spend time on your site.

In fact, you have less than 15 seconds.

If a visitor doesn’t immediately find what they are looking for, they will leave – and find another website that does.

The best way to give the reader the information that they want? Avoid fluff. Write clearly and concisely and present your information in the same manner.

Consider Readability

The majority of readers are skimmers.

Although they may start off reading a page’s intro, they will quickly gloss over the rest looking for answers to their questions.

Use captivating headlines and bullets to help readers scan through your copy. Combined with short paragraphs, breaking up your page can help a reader avoid feeling overwhelmed by an abundance of information.

Make it Relatable

Always, always, always, write to your audience.

Research what your target audience’s pains and nuances are and (quickly and concisely) address them throughout your writing.

Determine why your product/service is wanted, what people use it for and what is most important to them when they are shopping around. Use the information gathered to write compelling copy that truly speaks to your audience’s needs.

Keep it Updated

You likely already know that your blog page needs to be updated regularly – but what about your other web pages?

Keep your home page, about page and service/product listing pages complete with timely information. You wouldn’t want a customer to place an order for a product that’s no longer available, would you?

Your company’s hours, locations and service areas may change over time. If that happens, make sure your web pages reflect the company you currently are.

Creating great web copywriting is a difficult skill to master. That’s why we are here to help!

With ten years of experience, we can help you create effective copy that will convert into more customer traffic. Want to see for yourself? Reach out for a free consultation about our copywriting services in Toronto, Hamilton and Burlington!

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