What is Copywriting?


A term once used only jokingly, ‘information overload’ is now a reality.

On a daily basis, we are presented with the equivalent amount of 34 gigabytes of information. On the web alone, social media, web pages, emails and advertisements continuously present your brain with information to read and process.

All of this online information is referred to as copy (or content) and copywriting is the act of producing this information.

Writing the Best Content for Your Company

Since we are inundated with information each and every day, it can be difficult to get your company’s information noticed by your audience. But with expert copywriting, this task becomes simpler.

Writing high-quality, engaging material that is targeted at a specific audience has the best chance of getting read. The content needs to be researched and creatively written in a way that resonates well with an intended audience.

Content writing can directly affect a business’s revenue, so it’s important to ensure it’s constructed with quality in mind.

Creating Effective Copywriting 

In its most basic sense, copywriting can be used to inform the reader of a company’s news and products.

Visiting a website to find specific information and having to click around aimlessly looking for answers can be frustrating. But effective copywriting can be used to make navigating a website quick and simple for potential customers!

Plus, website visitors can be persuaded to stay longer (and potentially convert into customers) if a site features engaging content.

Ensuring Your Copywriting is SEO Friendly

Since copywriting involves so much more than jotting some ideas down on a website or in a blog post, hiring a professional copywriter is key!

Professional copywriters know how to write well in a way that will resonate with your audience.  Plus, they have a solid skillset in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Creating search engine optimized content is important if you want your customers to easily find you using search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. The best expert copywriters know how to create SEO friendly copy that get noticed by search engines!

Skills Needed to Create Great Copywriting

Writing quality content requires more than just a great idea. Here’s what’s needed to write copy that will keep your audience engaged:

  • Strong researching skills and the ability to find out topics that your audience will want to read about.
  • Expert proofreading: a company’s credibility instantly diminishes when there are errors.
  • Specialized knowledge on the subject matter; you need to know what you’re writing about!
  • Creativity, since nobody will want to read boring copy!

Outsource Your Company’s Copywriting Needs

Writing great copy takes specialized skills which is why many companies choose to outsource their copywriting needs.

For quality copywriting services, contact Sarah McKenzie Copywriting Services today.

How Much Does Professional Website Copywriting Cost?


It can no longer be argued: copywriting is important.

But what’s not as clear is the cost associated with a professional website content writer’s services.

How do you know if you’re getting a quality writer? And more importantly, how do you know if you’re paying a fair price?

In short, there’s no simple answer to these questions. But there are some tips to keep in mind when pricing professional web content writing services!

A Web Copywriter’s Years of Experience Matters

Like most professional services in life, the costs of a professional web copywriter’s services will increase depending on their level of experience.

A copywriter that has one to two years’ experience will be priced substantially lower than an experienced copywriter with five or more years’ experience.

For best results, you’re going to want to hire a copywriter who is experienced with your industry, has numerous writing samples to show you (from various types of clients) and remains knowledgeable on industry standards and techniques.

Keep in mind that experienced web copywriters will come with a steeper price tag than someone who is fresh out of college!

Pricing Differs Depending on the Copywriting Needed

Pricing can differ greatly depending on the type of copywriting you require. Although some writers charge per word, most charge per project.

Here is industry pricing on some of the most popular types of copywriting: blog articles and landing page (website) copy.

SEO Blog Post Pricing   

In general, crafting a 400-500 word blog post that is SEO-friendly can range from $90.00 – $200+, depending on how experienced the writer is.

Bulk discounts are normally available; basically, the more articles you commit to, the greater savings you can experience.

Landing Page Copy Pricing

Website pages are the most expensive type of copywriting you can request since they require the most amount of work. Pricing varies widely, but for an average 400-word landing page, expect to pay a minimum of $250.

Like blog posts, bulk discounts normally apply – so if you need more than one page of content created, negotiate a discounted rate with your copywriter.

Other Writing Services

Press releases have price tags ranging from $200 to upwards of $1,000 depending on how much writing, editing, promotion and distribution is required.

Pricing is similar for email newsletters, where subject lines are crucial to boosting open rates.

The Bottom Line

The best way to know if you’re going to get quality copywriting is to do your research.

Ask a potential copywriter to view their writing samples. Check out the type of clients the writer normally writes for as well as the type of industries. Ask about the niche that the writer feels most comfortable writing about. If yours is the same, less research will be required…and less cost, too.

Bottom line: you pay for what you get when it comes to copywriting services. If a price seems too good to be true, it likely is! Always do a trial basis first before committing to a contract.

And don’t be afraid to give the writer feedback about their writing – YOU are the expert for your business, remember!

Contact us today to receive a free, no-obligation quote for your company’s SEO copywriting needs!

5 Ways to Write SEO Website Copy that Sells


What do people come to your website for?

Is it to find out more about what your company offers?

To learn more about the services your company provides?

Or to conduct research before purchasing one of your company’s products?

Whatever the purpose may be, having quality SEO website copy is crucial. If your website visitors can’t quickly find the information that they need, they will quickly move on to a competitor’s website that does.

Here’s how to create killer website copy that will provide your website customers with the information they require…and help convert them into customers, too.

#1) Make it Easy to Navigate

If you think that web copy is not much different than printed text, think again! Whereas printed text readers are leisurely readers, website visitors are looking for quick answers to certain questions.

It’s only a matter of seconds for a website visitor to decide if your site is worth spending time on. Make this happen by using short sentences, effective headlines and bullet points rather than paragraphs.

By making sure your website is easy to navigate, website visitors will spend more time on your site – and be less tempted to move on to someone else’s site.

#2) Keep the Overall Look Clean

Resist the temptation to go big, bold and fancy regarding the overall look of your website! Instead, use a clean, simple layout so that website visitors can find the information they want quickly.

Keep the readability of your website in mind by considering font size, use of imagery and lack of clutter.

#3) Consider the Placement of Your Information

Contrary to regular printed text, it’s crucial that you place the most important information first on your website. Don’t use flowery phrases, idioms or clever wording. Avoid making your website visitors have to think too hard about your company’s information.

Instead, write your website copy clearly and in as straightforward of a way as possible!

#4) Know Your Target Audience

Before you start writing your web content, do some research to find out what your target audience is looking for. Then, complete some keyword research to find out what terms are being entered into search engines.

Use keywords throughout your copywriting to provide answers to these questions. Remember to always keep your writing engaging and relevant to your business.

#5) Make it Persuasive

Although easier said than done, creating persuasive website copy is crucial for increasing your customer base. A variety of techniques include using strategically crafted text that’s error-free, integrating calls to action and paying attention to visual appeal.

At the end of the day, not only do you want web visitors to find the information they require from your site, but you want to convert them into customers, too.

Ensure Your Website’s Copywriting is the Best

Websites are the best vehicle to use to transport your company’s information to potential customers. But in order to be effective, they must be constructed with quality, persuasive copywriting in mind.

To make your website’s copy sell, use the services of an experienced website copywriter. Contact us today for more details!


5 Tips for Writing Killer Copy


Every second of every day, Google is processing over 40,000 search queries which add up to 3.5 billion searches per day. So to stand out from all the others, your company needs killer copywriting.

Your blog and web content needs to be written in a way that will keep your audience engaged and more likely to convert into customers. We’re here to show you five tips to accomplish that!

#1) Do Your Homework Before You Begin!

Before you even begin writing your company’s blog or web copy, spending time doing some research is key.

To begin, complete keyword research to find out what your customers are searching for on search engines. Use those keywords to brainstorm some content that can be written around them.

Next, determine the goal of the piece of content. Most likely, you’re trying to increase website traffic, but what about using your writing to collect email sign-ups or answer questions from customers?

#2) Come Up with a Plan of Action

Usually, the most difficult part of writing killer copy is how to begin. When you have an outlined plan of how you want to structure your piece, it’s easier to get started!

Create a template or outline to see at a glance the type of information you want to include in each section. Doing so shows which areas are weaker and require more information.

Plus, it streamlines the writing process by knowing exactly what needs to come next in your writing.

#3) Keep Your Audience Engaged

With the high level of copy available on the web, web visitors aren’t going to stick around on your site if your content is boring! You need to figure out how to write in an engaging way to keep your audience reading until the end.

Think about the tone you want used throughout your writing. If you want to be portrayed as a fun, friendly company (such as a marketing or kids’ toys company), you may want to use a more casual tone as compared to a more serious industry (like funeral homes and insurance companies).

#4) Make Readability a Priority

Killer copy is created to be easy to read – and involves much more than typographic aspects like font size, height and line length.

For example, subheadings should be used to break up the content, allowing for readers to quickly find the information they need. To capture the readers’ attention, these should include important and interesting phrases that encourage them to continue reading.

Plus, the vocabulary and syntax used throughout the copy should be relative to the topic. Consider the audience you’re trying to target with your writing. If the piece is geared to a specialized audience, it may be okay to use acronyms and complex language.

#5) Pay Attention to the Details

There’s nothing worse than having a great piece of content riddled with spelling or grammatical errors. Almost immediately, your content is viewed less professionally or skipped over altogether by your audience.

Even if punctuation or spelling isn’t your strong suit, you can still create a great piece of copy! Use your computer’s spell checking program, or download Grammarly, a free program that edits your work on almost everything you type.

When All Else Fails, Contact the Experts!

Even with the tips above, writing great copy can be challenging. Before you lose your mind sitting in front of a blank screen waiting for an idea to emerge, know that we can provide the solution!

Contact us today to find out more about the killer copy we can create for your business.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Copywriter


Sure, the overall look and functionality of your website are important…but that’s not what sets your site apart from your competitors’ site.

Your website’s copy is.

Having well-written, original, search-engine-optimized copy is what gets your site ranked higher by search engines, leading to more sales from customers.

Even if you know the importance of having great content, you may not have the time, experience and expertise to do it well. The solution? Hire a copywriter.

Below, we list the five most important benefits of hiring a copywriter for your website or blog.

#1) Creates More Time for What You Do Best

Although it may be hard to admit, you aren’t good at everything involved with running your business! “Hiring to your weaknesses” is a hiring strategy used that involves hiring (or outsourcing) people who have skills that you lack so that you can focus on what you do best.

Copywriting is a specialized skill that many small businesses don’t have the time, budget or marketing savvy to complete. That’s why we’re here to help!

#2) Get Noticed More by Google

Copywriting professionals know how to construct engaging, well-written content that is also high quality. Copy that is SEO-friendly gets your company noticed better by Google and is more likely to be found by potential customers.

And when statistics show that Google gets over 100 billion searches a month, you need expert help to get your company noticed!

#3) Regularly Updated Content is Published

For many companies, publishing regular blog posts or updating web copy is one of the first things to be pushed aside during busy periods.

Although it may not seem like that big of a deal, Google sees otherwise. Having outdated copy on your site hurts your search rankings since Google equates this with poor quality and credibility.

If you hire a copywriter who is used to time constraints, you can rest easy knowing that fresh content will continue to be produced – regardless of how busy your business is!

#4) More Money is Produced

Experienced copywriters know how to write engaging content with the end goal of improving your website’s conversion rate. When more website visitors are converted into customers, more sales are produced – and more money ends up in your pocket.

Save money by outsourcing your copywriting needs. Rather than hiring a full-time, in-house copywriter, use the services provided by an expert freelance copywriter whenever necessary.

#5) Higher Quality Content is Produced

You probably spent a lot of money when you originally created your business’ website. But if you don’t generate traffic to your website, it will be money wasted.

Skilled at improving your website’s conversion rate, quality copywriters create engaging content that supports your company’s products and services.

Plus, experienced copywriters like us can seamlessly include a call to action in our writing, encouraging site visitors to become a customer.

The Benefits Are Limitless!

Get better search rankings and see your customer base increase by hiring a copywriter! Contact us today to find out what we can do to help your business grow.

5 Qualities Found in a Great Copywriter


After reading our recent article, you may already be convinced that you need to hire a great copywriter. Or, perhaps you still need some further convincing.

But once you realize the benefits of hiring a great copywriter and commence your search for one, it can quickly become overwhelming! How do you know who to trust with writing on behalf of your business? What type of qualifications should a great copywriter possess? And how do you know that you’re getting a fair rate?

Before you start to sweat, check out the five key qualities that a great copywriter should possess in our list below.

#1) Strong Writing Skills

Don’t forget the number one reason why you’re hiring a copywriter to begin with: to utilize their great writing skills.

Hiring a copywriter who cannot string a proper sentence together will get you no further with your content marketing strategy. In fact, it may even hurt your business!

Do your research by checking out the potential copywriter’s website, blog, social media sites and even email structure. Ensure that they use proper punctuation and have an eye for detail. Don’t be afraid to ask for writing samples!

#2) Industry Experience

Like any professional in life, having experience pays off big time down the road.

Although priced higher, copywriters who have been writing for at least five years have the proper knowledge, skill set and frame of mind when it comes to knowing what forms great content.

Even better is when you find a copywriter who has experience in your specific industry. For example, if you’re considering a writer who has only ever wrote for the technology industry, will they be able to resonate with your audience in the healthcare industry?

If you know a copywriter you’d love to work with who doesn’t have specific experience in your industry, ask for a trial period. That way, you can quickly see whether the writer understands your industry well enough to write for you long term.

#3) A Stellar Reputation

Copywriting is a competitive field, so those who are still around after a number of years are doing something right!

When checking out potential copywriters, ask for testimonials or references from other clients they’ve worked with.

Learning firsthand from other clients of theirs can open up your eyes to the type of experience you, too, may have if you hire that specific writer.

#4) Be a Native Speaker

Copywriting pricing can vary greatly – but remember, you get what you pay for!

Many websites that offer discounted copywriting services use non-native speakers, which can create numerous difficulties. Besides language problems, these writers may not fully understand your specific industry’s nuances and pains.

A native speaking writer is your best bet for copywriting that will pay off. Although not necessary, finding a writer who is located in the same area as you – or at least country – can help with their connection to your audience, plus makes payment easier, too!

#5) Someone You Can Relate To

Choosing a freelance copywriter means working with someone you don’t actually see on a day-to-day basis. Even so, there will be numerous times the two of you need to communicate about upcoming content, whether it be through email or over the phone. You’ll want to choose someone who you can converse easily with throughout these conversations.

Someone who can write in your voice, and produce well-written copy that represents your company well is a key quality, too.

Putting it All Together

Choosing a great copywriter is no easy task. But by looking for one who has the five qualities above, you should be off to a great start!

At Sarah McKenzie Copywriting Services, we offer ten years of experience producing well-written, search-engine friendly copy for your specific audience. Contact us today to learn more about our services! 

The #1 Way to Produce Great Marketing Results as a Business Owner

How do you spend your days as a business owner?

Let me guess: running wildly from task to task, singlehandedly trying to manage your business’ marketing, human resources, sales and customer service needs?

Sound like you?

If it does, I’d also wager a bet that you’re not spending any time doing what could reap you the most marketing rewards as a business owner: completing effective content marketing.

Great Copywriting: The Key to Business Success

Statistics prove time and again that great copywriting (such as blog or web content) is the key to better customer conversion rates – and better business success.

How much more success you ask? Well, website conversion rate is almost six times higher for those who utilize effective content marketing over those who don’t (Aberdeen Group, 2014).

Plus, it’s been proven over and over that those who take the time to do effective content marketing see the results. Per dollar spent, content marketing creates more than three times the number of customer leads compared to a paid search (Kapost/Eloqua, 2012).

At this point, you may be convinced that you need to adopt better content marketing techniques. But with the way your days are already jam-packed, you know you simply don’t have the time.

Or the interest.

Or the expertise.

That’s when outsourcing your business’s copywriting needs to a professional, expert copywriter becomes the answer!

Outsourcing Copywriting = More Time for You!

Not only will outsourcing your copywriting help free up your time as a business owner, but a good copyrighter will get you results, too.

Results like a more engaged audience, a higher ranking in search engines and more authority in your industry.

You’ll also free up time to spend on those business tasks that you actually enjoy, understand and excel at!

We Can Provide the Solution!

If you don’t know how to incorporate copywriting into your already busy schedule, look no further.

Sarah McKenzie Copywriting Services is your one-stop shop when it comes to hiring a reputable Toronto copywriter. With over ten years in the copywriting industry, we know how to produce original, search-engine friendly content that targets your audience.

Contact us today for a free estimate!