How to Successfully Work with a Freelance Copywriter

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Looking to free up time in your day while getting your company’s copywriting completed by an expert?

Working with a freelancer brings many benefits to your small business. But these benefits can only be enjoyed if you establish an effective working relationship with your freelancer. Here’s how!

#1) Provide Proper Onboarding

You’re hiring a freelance copywriter to accurately portray your business’ brand in their writing. But remember that he/she isn’t a mind reader! A proper onboarding is necessary to provide a freelance content writer with the toolbox needed to effectively write your company’s content.

Before your freelancer writes their first piece of content for you, schedule a meeting with him or her. Review your company’s marketing plan, provide access to necessary materials such as brand content and familiarize him/her with your company’s tone of voice.

An experienced writer will have certain questions to ask regarding deadlines, software and more. Setting up a formal time for onboarding is the perfect opportunity for these questions to be answered.

#2) Choose the Right Copywriter

Choosing a specialized industry expert who you will be able to count on to provide accurate, timely content can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why you should follow these tips to find the right copywriter for your needs.

Just like staff members, every freelancer has their own unique personality. Scheduling a project assignment to a potential writer can provide you with a glimpse of what it would be like to work with him/her long-term.

If you like what you receive from the writer following this test assignment, then you will feel more comfortable signing a contract.

#3) Set Clear Expectations

Typically, freelancers work remotely and have multiple clients. Since they aren’t present for face-to-face meetings like salaried staff, providing them with clear guidelines is key.

Consider what you require from an outsourced copywriter. Be as clear as possible with what you have in mind for your business’ copywriting – but provide some breathing room for the writer to still be creative. Doing so ensures the freelancer can create a piece of content (such as a web page, blog post, press release or newsletter) that meets your expectations – with limited revisions!

Using a freelancer on an as-needed basis instead of bringing a permanent staff member onboard can potentially save your company thousands of dollars annually. But choosing the right freelancer is key!

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