The Top Stand-Out Copywriting Examples

No matter how strong of a writer you are, you’ll have good and bad days when writing copy for your business.

On the good days, your fingers will fly over your keyboard. You have so much to say about your brand that you can’t wait to hit that publish button and let the world know!

But on the bad days, those same fingers will grind to a slow halt. Instead, they end up twiddling your hair or holding your mug of coffee a lot more than usual.

You’ll start looking for any excuse to leave your computer – and wait patiently for those creative juices to start flowing once more.

And if they still don’t, you’ll start trying to convince yourself that this new piece of website content isn’t really that important.

But deep down, you know that every single piece of website content you create is crucial. It’s what’s convincing your target market that they should – no, they need to – purchase your product or service.

So just because you’ve hit writer’s block, you can’t give up on creating the content you need.

Instead, now’s the time to get some inspiration. And what better way to get the momentum going once more than looking at some amazing examples of copywriting? Below, we’ve outlined some of the best high-quality copywriting examples of all time – plus some favourite ones that yours truly has come up with. Let’s dive in!

the internet’s favourite copywriting examples


Why We Like It: This timeless ad features an engaging headline that offers a sensory experience. You can quickly envision driving this quiet vehicle in less than the second it takes you to read it.

Copywriting example from Ricola

Why We Like It: Ricola’s 2014 ad offers edgy humour that’s simple, relatable, and memorable – without being offensive. In only a few words, Ricola displays how copywriting should be concise and relate to a target audience.

Copywriting example from VW

Why We Like It: In 1959, this classic VW campaign was awarded the title of the “greatest advertising campaign of the century” by Ad Age. Printed in black and white with a minimal design when full-colour, full-of-text ads were standard, the ad made a long-lasting visual impact.


Sparkwood Group website copy
Sparkwood Group website copy

Why We Like It: The copy we wrote for Sparkwood Group‘s new addiction counselling program is fresh, short, and concise. It places the target audience at the forefront of the copy and speaks to their paint points – like avoiding rehab since it’s typically expensive or has long wait times.

Copywriting example from NMBRS, a bookkeeping company
Copywriting example from NMBRS, a bookkeeping company

Why We Like It: This bookkeeping firm‘s name, Numbrs, was used playfully throughout their website to make the historically boring topic of finance more fun. The copy is written in a straightforward way while showcasing the brand’s personality and outlining benefits, not just features.

COPYWRITING EXAMPLE #3: Julia Penny, artist
Artist's website copy
Artist's website copy

Why We Like It: This Canadian painter and drawing artist‘s website copy helps paint a picture of the artist behind the paintbrush. Created with SEO in mind, the keyword-focused copy integrates descriptive copy with strong calls to action (CTAs).


Our published ad in the National Post for PC Mobile is a great example of a fun, compelling way to use copy to both sell a product and surprise the reader.

Techniques to Use In Your Own Copy

Now that you’ve seen some great copywriting examples, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned to your own copywriting. Here are some overall takeaways from the copywriting examples listed above:

  • Don’t make it boring. If it suits your brand, making your copy fun, fresh, and personable is always a good idea.
  • Include benefits, not just features. Outline how your business’s product or service will solve the pain points of your target market rather than simply listing features.
  • Add CTAs. A call to action can help nudge your reader from simply browsing to making a sale.
  • And last but definitely not least, remember SEO. If you’re going to do all the hard work of creating great copy, make sure Google will be able to find it. Otherwise, what’s the point?!


There are likely numerous other companies selling a product or service that’s similar to yours. So how can you convince your target audience to choose your company over the others?

With the power of copy.

Use copywriting to tell your brand’s story, describe your business’s offerings, and outline why you’re better than the rest. When creating effective copy, keep the following in mind:

  1. Address your target audience’s pain points
  2. Make your copy relatable to your customer
  3. Make your copy clear and easy to understand

Looking for help with creating great copywriting for your business? Set up a free consultation with our team of Toronto copywriters today.

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