Who Needs Copywriting?

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In business, there are some tasks that you may be fine with figuring out for yourself.

Like managing payroll.

And even hiring your staff.

Then, there are those other tasks that are best left to the professionals – copywriting being one of them.

We frequently get asked to clarify who needs copywriting and what copywriting actually means. That’s why we decided to devote an entire article to this topic.

Here’s everything you need to know about the art of copywriting and whether you should be utilizing it in your business.

What is Copywriting?

Anything that you read that a business publishes – from blog and web content to e-books, brochures, social media posts and more – is completed using copywriting techniques.

Copywriting is the art of writing text to be used for marketing purposes. Not only is it used to sell a product or service, but it can also be used to educate an audience about a brand.

Traditional copywriting (ie. print ads and billboards) is well-known for its in-your-face, blatant sales technique. Like traditional copywriting, new age copywriting (ie. e-newsletters and blogs) requires copy that is still persuasive, engaging and interesting but uses a more discreet selling technique.

Although writing copywriting that sells has never been easy, the advent of the Internet has made it even more difficult. In order to get found on Google, your copy needs to be created with SEO in mind. The higher you rank on Google with effectively written copy, the higher your chances are of generating website traffic that can turn into customer leads.

Every business needs text written. And that text is best written by a copywriter.

So, Who Needs Copywriting?

Now that you know what copywriting is all about, do you think that you can complete it for your own business?

The following three questions can help you to determine if you need help with your copywriting or not:

#1) Do I know enough about SEO?

You need to be writing copy using SEO techniques in order to appear in search results.

#2) Do I have enough time to write compelling, informative copy on a regular basis?

To rank on Google, your site needs to be publishing relevant, interesting, error-free copy on a regular basis. If you don’t have the time to ensure quality copy is produced, it’s best to hire a copywriter.

#3) Do I want to grow my business?

Professional copywriters have the knowledge, skillset and experience to write in a way that targets your market and builds your company’s brand.

The Bottom Line

To stand out from your competition, your business needs great copy.

Although many people have writing skills, not everyone can be a copywriter. Great copy instills a reader to take action on a product, service or brand. It should be created using effective copywriting techniques and be spelling and grammar free.

Even more important, it needs to use the latest SEO techniques so that you actually show up in Google results.

If you’re not already a copywriting superstar, we can help! Send us an email by using our contact form or call us at 519-717-7700.


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